Handfashioned Porcelain

From Eugene's Saturday Market to award-winning entries in art fairs and one-woman gallery shows, Katie's porcelain artistry is an expression of her joy in the delicacy, strength and whimsey of nature.

Contact the Artist

Please use this online inquiry form
or send email: katie@handfashionedporcelain.com
503-626-9756 or 541-344-0135
Katie Swenson
4895 SW Chestnut Pl.
Beaverton, OR 97005



Cups, bowls, vases, and jars range from $25 - $500 depending on size and detail. Swinging rabbits, and other small treasures range from $8 - $50.


The bowls, vases, and jars pictured on this website are in different galleries and some may have been sold. If you see a piece you like, contact a gallery near you and make an inquiry. You may also use this inquiry form to contact Katie.




Small Treasures

Bowls, Vases & Jars